Monday, November 4, 2013

Leaping into the future with strong feet and a big smile!

We are happy to report that Little Hong is ready to stride out into the world! He arrived at Little Flower in July as a 4-month-old with club feet and a cleft lip. Now, he is a strong and healthy little boy looking forward to a hopeful future. He left our Beijing baby home last week, and is now waiting for his forever family.
During his stay at the baby home, we helped him to heal his feet and prepare for an easier road into the future. In July, Hong was given surgery to correct his club foot and had to wear braces all day and night for 3 months. The process can be difficult, but keeping his feet immobile was important to allow for the healing process.

By the end of September, Hong could start using his feet again. Since then, he only needs to wear the braces at night. Over the past month, he underwent a very rapid healing process and his new mobility is impressive; we think he has almost made up for those miles he missed during the previous 3 months! He has now learned how to use his feet to crawl, to turn his body, and to play…and play he does!

It's amazing to see Hong now able to sit by himself, crawl faster than any other kid in the room, and stretch out like an acrobat. Along with the increased mobility, one can sense from him the joy he has during this period of self-discovery with every day that passes. We're sure he will keep up the pace during his next steps in life!

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