Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Cafeteria

There's no question that mealtimes are some of our students' favorite time of day.

Gen seems pretty happy with his apple at snack time.

Hui... maybe not as much?

Meanwhile, Qiang seems to really be enjoying the cake. Yum.

And Yang is really “enjoying” his snack too. ….Or just learning how to use air quotes.

But hey, nothing beats lunch time. Just ask Jie!

Boy, he really wolfed that down. But who could blame him for the enthusiasm? No greasy chicken patties or soggy french fries to speak of here. Our school kids get home-cooked stir-fry, rice, and soup!

Ma's enjoying her food too.

Ye grabs seconds!

And after everyone's done, some of the students help the teachers tidy up. Shu grabs a towel and wipes down the work tables.

What an awesome kid. Good job Shu!

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