Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Baby Huan is back from the hospital. The surgery went well, and the director of the baby home even says Huan looks prettier than before. Don't you think she looks healthier?

Baby Die's name means butterfly in Chinese (and don't worry--it's pronounced quite differently than it reads in English too). This little one, who arrived earlier this month, is headed to the hospital today to get a diagnosis for her orthopedic deformities.

We also had several new babies arrive just this week. Baby Meng was born with anal atresia, and Baby Chen, a cleft lip and palate baby, is stable but has jaundice.

In Loving Memory- Qiao

November 21-23, 2010

Baby Qiao arrived weighing just 3 pounds, very weak and dehydrated, and appeared to have a very serious heart defect. He passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, little one.

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