Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Loving Memory- Lei and Ping

Baby Lei passed away earlier this week after fighting a bad respiratory infection. On Thursday, Baby Ping also went to join Jesus, a particularly tough passing because she had held on for so long. We will miss both of them. Rest in peace, little ones.

Loyal readers may notice that we've recently had a higher number of babies pass away lately. As winter starts and little ones are abandoned in the cold, our window for saving them gets much smaller. The babies are also more vulnerable to sickness during this time, so it's a difficult time overall. Having more babies pass away is especially hard for those working closely with them. As we continue to save as many lives as we are able, please keep our workers in your thoughts and prayers when these little ones don't make it.


  1. Absolutely praying for each of you amazing caregivers! Thank you for extending yourself so completely for these precious babies!

  2. What beautiful work you do. We pray for you often. My husband and I are constantly amazed by your generosity.