Thursday, November 11, 2010


When babies are admitted to our home for hospice care, it means that our goal is to make them as comfortable as possible for their last days. How exciting, then, when a baby here for hospice care doesn't fade but gets stronger! MeiMei was that way. Around the new year of 2009, she got very sick and we almost lost her. A staff member decided to start treating her sickness very aggressively since at that point it wasn't much more of a risk. She recovered, but we knew if she got sick again it would probably be it, but she simply never got sick again.

A year and a half ago, she couldn't even sit up. Now she's one of the older babies in the home and even tries to comfort others when they're crying in their cribs; she'll go over and pat them soothingly. She is still young and has a cleft palate, Down's Syndrome, and a heart defect to contend with, but isn't her smile precious? We are hoping to see her in a forever family soon.

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  1. Hi! I volunteer every Saturday with China Little Flower, and Mei Mei has always been the jolly girl that she is. She's quite remarkable knowing what she had been through from this blog. When I'm with her, she likes me to take her walking around the house. I love her! By the way, I'm also encouraging friends to help out. They got to know it because I'm doing a blog challenge to help these babies. They're really special to me that's why I'd like to help in my own little way. Do check out my blog sometime. Thanks!