Friday, January 6, 2017

You Can Fly Little Bird!

There's a song in Chinese that goes something like this:

I am a tiny little bird
who would like to fly high
I am searching everywhere
for a warm embrace

That warm embrace can give the tiny bird the encouragement that it needs to fly.

That little bird also needs a safe, warm nest. Without a nest to protect it and serve as a place to fly back to, it will be left with nothing.

Orphan children are similar to little birds. Without a home, they are left vulnerable and without care.

Children are abandoned for many different reasons. No matter what their story is, the result is that they are left alone in this world. With no father or mother, these children have no one to give them a warm embrace.

Here, there is 24 hour care all year round provided for every child.
Here, all the equipment and items that they to survive and thrive need are available.
Here, each child can also receive never ending warm hugs!
The caregivers provide all these things.

Similar to how a parent provides for her own child, the caregivers give baths, change diapers and clothes, feed, hold, comfort, play, sing songs, accompany them to the hospital, and together help make a difference and save lives.

Would you like to make a difference today by giving these little children a warm embrace?

Who are we?

We are OCF Dew Drops and we provide 24 hours of specialized care to abandoned children.

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