Monday, January 9, 2017

Overheard at Dew Drops Little Flower

When newborn babies arrive in this world, they are so small and vulnerable. They have to be taken care of by adults and need 24/7 continuous love and care. It is important that they eat and sleep well, pee and poop regularly, and do not have diaper rashes!

Solex donated some very nice, soothing wipes for the OCF Dew Drops children. Through their work, they hold that their wipes are not merely wipes, but will contribute to the child's growth and well-being.

Our friends, Ms. Li and Ms. Zhang delivered stages 1, 2, and 3 wipes and special hospital-use wipes. These wipes should last about a month for all 30 of the children in Dew Drops. Solex will continue to donate their wipes for the next five months! OCF Dew Drops children enjoyed their wonderful visit by doing some exploring!

Hua to Di and Fei: "Look guys, we are surrounded by love!"

Di to the others: "How about that, we are surrounded by love!"

Hua to Di and Fei: "These wipes are a donation from our friends at Solex."


After having some fun, let’s put these back in the box and store them in the warehouse. Look at Hua and Ci; how determined to help!

Hua knows how to put these back nicely!

He is so proud of his work! 

He has been suffering diaper rashes due to complications from his intestinal defects. He is so happy to have these special wipes just for kids like him. Thank you! 

When everyone gives a little love, we can all make the world a better place. He has a big grin because of people like you and our friends at Solex!

There are other kids here who also need all of our help. Will you give a little love to provide a chance at life for these orphans?

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