Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Ambassador's Visit

US Ambassador to China Max Baucus and his wife Melodee Hanes stopped by our Beijing Infant Care Home last week to learn more about our work and even spend some quality time with a few of the babies currently in our care. They came bearing gifts, and our Founder Brent Johnson was able to give them the grand tour. It was wonderful to have the chance to show them around, discuss our operations, and talk more about the context of our projects.

Here, Brent's introducing the Ambassador and his wife to our preemie unit. Ms. Hanes is an attorney, with a particular interest in child protection.

There's Lily, in foreground, in her signature stance of working WHILE kangarooing a baby.

In baby room 4, they were able to visit with some of our bigger babies.

And when we made our way back to the preemie rooms, Kate (a nurse currently volunteering with us--read more about Kate here!) introduced our guests to a couple of our preemies. The parental instincts kicked in the minute they got those babies in their arms!

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