Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baby Long Update


 Little Long was adopted in August and his name is now Nathan.  We had the pleasure of meeting his family after the adoption was finalized, just before they headed back to the US with their newest son.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our staff to be able to say goodbye to him one last time.  We were amazed how well he had adjusted to his new family in the short time since his adoption.




Nathan's mom sent this update once they had gotten settled back in to their home in the US:
  "Nathan is doing wonderfully. He is sleeping almost 12 hours each night and napping well in the afternoon. He loves trying new foods. We haven't found a food he hasn't liked yet! The first English word he said this week was "diaper". We went to the pool, and he loved splashing and going down the baby slide. We have also been to the zoo, and he clapped throughout the whole dolphin show. He is such a joy to have in our home."
  And then a little later we got this update:

"Nathan is adjusting wonderfully. We took him for a physical and blood work, and the doctor told us Nathan was clearly well cared for (which we, of course, already knew!). He doesn't have the common malnutrition markers, low vitamin D and iron that the doctor normally sees in internationally adopted children.

We have a hip brace for Nathan that he is wearing when he sleeps to try to loosen his hip muscles. We are getting him fitted for foot braces on Monday. He already is making great strides with the scissor legs and tip toe standing. His sunny disposition is so wonderful!

 One of the things the international adoption clinic doctor told me is that he typically sees an underlying expression of angst in adopted children's faces for the first month or two they are in their new home. He said there is such an aura of peace about Nathan that he feels joy just walking into the room to see Nathan. I would like to thank whoever taught Nathan how to blow kisses, that is so endearing!"


We were privileged to be part of Nathan's life in China and we thank all who support us in our work.  Together we are making a difference for China's orphans.

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