Friday, October 11, 2013

Featured Fundraisers: Jana Schmidt and Sandra Bucker

At any one time, there are scores of people helping to keep Little Flower going, whether they’re on the ground in China or in their own communities. Today, we’re featuring Jana Schmidt and Sandra Bucker, two fundraisers from Germany who’ve found a way to help Chinese orphans by rallying support in their home country.

Jana and Sandra run Little Flowers of China, a German non-profit that they recently started. With the support of their volunteer staff, they currently help find donations and support for 6 baby homes in Beijing, including Little Flower.



It began when Jana became aware of the plight of orphans in China, touched by the story of a young girl named Yue Yue. She wanted to find a way to make in-kind donations to support children like her, and soon found out about Little Flower. Setting out to find some needed items, she wrote to Coloplast, a company that makes healthcare products. To her surprise, she received not a written response to her letter, but a box of donated goods just a few days later!

After that initial victory, she started to organize. Sandra joined her, and they set to work building a social media presence, getting volunteers, and finding more sponsors, donations, and travelers to carry them to China. It was then that they decided to start their own organization. To date, they’ve sent over almost 800 KG of donations to China, as well as donations sent directly from companies within China.

Leveraging partnerships with almost a dozen sponsors, incuding Novatex, Lohmann & Rauscher, and Neotech, they’re very optimistic for the future.  
Despite all challenges—the paperwork, accounting, and logistics—of getting these donations to China, Jana and Sandra are trying to build a stronger name for their organization, find more sponsors, and raise awareness about the situation of Chinese orphans within Germany.

We want to thank Jana, Sandra, and Little Flowers of China for helping to support Chunmiao Little Flower.

It just goes to show that in our vastly networked, connected world, people from all across the globe can come together for a common purpose: to give abandoned children a new chance at life. We often get emails and messages from people around the world who would like to help, but aren’t quite sure how. It may not seem like it, but the best kind of help can often come from within your own community, whether it’s hosting a charity dinner, organizing a car wash at your school, or just telling your friends and family about our story. Not only would you be building financial support for children in need, you’d also be spreading awareness. And that’s often the most valuable thing of all. We work hard to give these children a voice. You can help us by making that voice even louder.   

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