Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet Little Mei

Like the rest of the children who come into our care, little Mei was abandoned by her parents.   We don't know anything about her family or the circumstances that led to their decision.  Perhaps they were very excited about having a baby, but then she was born with health problems they felt they could not handle.  Maybe they wanted to keep her, but family members did not support them in the long road they faced to raise her as their daughter.  Perhaps cultural pressures weighed heavily on them as they contemplated how a disabled person might fit in to their community.  It's possible they just didn't have the finances to provide the medical care she would need.  Surely they were shocked and surprised (as any parent is) to find that she was not born perfectly healthy as they had expected.  We can only imagine.

Whatever the reasons, little Mei was left by her parents. Unwanted, she was taken to an orphanage.  Unwanted?

We at Little Flower value every life, every abandoned and unwanted person.  It does not matter how small, how sick, how hopeless.  Our purpose is to reach out to those who have been rejected and give them dignity and hope for the future.  Even if we cannot change the disabilities they were born with, cannot always cure their illnesses and make their bodies whole and perfect we can still make sure they know they are loved and valued.

There are countless abandoned and rejected children in the world.  We know we cannot help them all.  But we do our best with the resources that we have.  We can give each child in our care the knowledge that they are precious, valued, wanted.  And just as important, we can show those around us that each one of these little ones is truly a treasure worth keeping.

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