Saturday, August 17, 2013

Look out world, here she comes!

Little You is tired of being on the floor.  She is ready to be part of the action!

So what to do about it?  Well, time to stand up and make some changes:


"Look at ME!  I can do it all by myself!"

You has been practicing and practicing:

  Practicing things like walking around obstacles - toys and other babies, without losing her balance:


She knows there's always a big hug waiting when she gets there:

And what could be better motivation than that?


 Have you ever seen such a beautiful combination of pure joy and determination?

Sweet little You has faced many challenges in her short life.  She was born with Down Syndrome and has already had major heart surgery.  She is still waiting for a mom and dad of her own.  But she'll go far - we are sure of that.  Look our world, here she comes!

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