Friday, August 24, 2012

Colostomy Cuties

A good percentage of the babies we care for come to us for special care due to birth defects involving the intestines, anus, urinary system and reproductive organs.

In many cases, surgeons are not able to do a complete repair until the child is older and stronger, so often they end up with a temporary colostomy or urostomy.  This is an opening on the abdominal wall to allow waste to pass into a bag, instead of the diaper.

As you can imagine, keeping a bag on an active baby is no easy job!  Under the best circumstances a bag might last a week or more, but many times we end up changing it as often as every day, because once it comes off it cannot be re-used.

Right now we have 4 infants and one older child with colostomies.  We are seeking donations of bags, or funding to purchase in bulk so that we can save money.  We've had very good offer from a supplier who manufactures for export, but we have to buy 1000 bags minimum to get this special price (approximately US$1,300 total).  If you are interested in donating bags or money to go toward their purchase, please email us.

Here are 4 little ones who use colostomy bags now:

And here they are again, all dressed and ready to go!


  1. I LOVE THEMMMM!!!! Sweet little flower blooms!!

  2. Love them so much! There's my little Yi!!!! YAY!!! He looks wonderfully happy!!! Thank you Little Flower for all you do!!!

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