Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Building Castles

 The children in our Little Flower Group Home School love art class - and really, isn't that true of children all over the world?  What is more fun than using scissors, glue,crayons, markers and colored paper to really get that creativity flowing?

The theme for the week was "CASTLES" and our boys really had fun with the assignment.  Not only did this project help them develop fine motor skills, but they also had a chance to learn more about colors and shapes.

Here you can see them hard at work, just getting started:

Bin thinks his needs a little more blue:

Gong hard at work.  Every detail has to be perfect, you know!

Bin is already gluing his pieces in place.  It looks great!

 Now for the tricky part  - cutting!  Shu is concentrating very hard so he doesn't make any mistakes:

 Cai is working hard too - his is nearly finished:

Bin's castle is almost done - nice job!

Gong accepts some help from his teacher as he puts finishing touches on his castle:

Then he shows off the final result - an architectural masterpiece, don't you think?

 Shu shows off his castle:

Cai shows off his castle - he looks very proud!

Bin is happy with his results, too!

 Everyone had fun with this assignment and we're so proud of the progress they all are making!


  1. Great work everyone! Great use of color!

  2. I'm jealous of their talent!!! Brilliant Castles Kids!