Friday, January 20, 2012

Mei Mei's Baby

Mei Mei's family sent a package for her. She didn't seem very excited about opening it up.

In fact, we had to encourage her to stick around and see what was inside.

The first thing we lifted out was a baby doll. Mei Mei loves babies, real and pretend, so we thought she would be excited. But after a brief glance she set it aside.

She did take a few minutes to examine the rest of the package, including a new sleeper:

And some stacking cups:

The stacking cups were the only thing she really seemed to want. She spent a long time playing with them that morning.

We set her gifts aside, and a few days later presented the baby again. This time she was very excited and cuddled her baby tight, patting softly:

She carried her baby around all morning:

And then she saw the baby seat wasn't occupied. A perfect place to set her baby!

But how to fasten that safety belt? Challenging indeed!

She'd seen the nannies do it, but they made it look so easy!


There! Applause for such a great accomplishment.

Mei Mei treasures her little baby, just the way she has seen her nannies care for the other little ones in the home.

Mei Mei, you really are a big girl now!


  1. I am glad she likes her baby!!!!! She is just so beautiful!!

  2. I am glad she likes her baby, too. I love Mei Mei. She is so precious! I want to give her a big hug!