Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet the nannies

It is easy to see that our caregivers are the backbone of our program - without these dedicated women we could not do what we do. They spend countless hours feeding, bathing, changing diapers, administering medications, and most of all, comforting little people who have no one else to love them.

Although we cannot offer a high salary or other attractive benefits, we like to give them each something special at Chinese New Year. This year we will give each nanny a small bottle of hand lotion, a bag of candy, and two photos. Each nanny will receive a picture of herself working, and one of her special baby. It's not much, but we hope this small gift will tell them how much we appreciate the work they do.

The photos below are the some of the ones we will be printing and presenting to our caregivers in the next few days. If you cannot visit us in person, here is a chance to see some of the beautiful faces of Little Flower.

By now you are probably wondering how many nannies there are, and why we need so many? We have three shifts of caregivers each day, and each shift is caring for approximately 30 special need and medically fragile infants. We need 10-15 nannies working each shift to provide the special care that these babies require.

Morning shift nannies:

Afternoon shift nannies:

Night shift nannies:

Nannies, managers and volunteers:


  1. what a wonderful and beautiful group

  2. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful women! Thank you for sharing this, I often think of those providing the care for all the sweet faces we see at Little Flower. Their work is such a special and important work and I am so thankful for all that each one gives!

  3. These women are truly God's servants...caring for the helpless and fatherless. God bless you all CLF! I can't wait to come this spring and help out a bit! Love, love, love those pictures of sweet Mu with her nannies, she is so precious. The 7th picture down? That's baby You and she's got me all kinds of twitterpated :o)

  4. Love these precious photos! Are you able to take any photos of the highchairs that we sent, we would love to share the photos with the friends who helped make that donation possible (-:


  5. I have tears in my eyes thinking of the loving cares those precious babies are recieving.

    1. So do I... especially knowing that one of those babies is my own little girl. They have been "mama" to her for nearly a year now. They have loved her in the flesh while we have prepared paperwork and prayed. We are forever grateful for the wonderful care they provide to so many precious children. "Thanks" just doesn't seem enough... I pray they know how valued and important their work is.

      God bless each on at Little Flowers!

  6. That is just FABULOUS! I love knowing there are enough wonderful nannies to give such direct care to these precious and deserving children! Our daughter was at New Day Foster Home outside of Beijing (where one of your little babies is now!) and they offer a similar nanny operation. It is SO wonderful for the kids and we are eternally grateful for places like CLF and NDFH! May God richly bless you for all that you do to help give these children the best future possible! <><

    Blessing & Hugs,
    ~ Tanya Thom