Monday, December 19, 2011

Need Snapware - can you help?

As you can imagine, caring for 25 to 30 babies in one home- we use a lot of formula! And not just a lot of formula, but a lot of DIFFERENT KINDS of formula. At any given time, we might have babies using the following:
  • regular Stage 1 formula
  • regular Stage 2 formula
  • lactose free formula
  • preemie/low birthweight formula
  • Pediasure
  • hypoallergenic formula

Keeping it all organized so the nannies can get what they need is no easy task. Our favorite storage containers are the smaller Snapware (4.2 cup round or 4.4 cup square) Airtight Canisters. These are easy to open and close securely with one hand, not too deep to get the scoop all the way to the bottom, easy to wash, and BPA free. These don't last forever, though, and we need some more to replace some of ours that have been doing duty for many years. Can you help? Right now we need about a dozen total.

If you know someone coming through Beijing who could carry these for us, or might be willing to ship them directly, please email us . You can find them at many stores and online sites.

Many thanks to all who make our work possible.

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