Thursday, December 8, 2011

Laundry Time!

Some of you have asked how we handle the volumes of laundry generated by caring for 25 - 30 babies in one home. It's a good question - that is a lot of little socks, blankets, onesies and cloth diapers!

Yes, you read that right. We use cloth diapers. Not exclusively, though - we do use 'sposies when our babies are traveling between homes, in hospital, are being casted for orthopedic deformities, have contagious diseases, or when there are power or water outages. But most of the time our babies use cloth - it's better for their bottoms and better for the environment. Cloth diapers do use water and power to launder, but not at the same rate that it takes to manufacture disposables.

We line dry whenever possible, but do have a large industrial dryer (photo above) for days when the weather doesn't cooperate or we just need to move things through a bit faster.

Luckily for us, the weather is quite dry and we don't have rainy days very often.
Want to come help out with the laundry?
You are always welcome!!

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  1. I cherish your ministry! I really like the drying rack where can I find one?