Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Ai Li

Baby Ai Li arrived a few weeks ago, tiny, frail and seriously ill. Shortly after she arrived her condition worsened, and she was admitted to the hospital. After more than a week of treatment she showed little improvement and it was decided to discharge her back to us for palliative care.

This little sweetheart has a serious heart defect. There are also concerns about a chromosome disorder. It is expensive and risky to operate now, so surgeons are recommending we wait - if her general condition improves then we will consider the surgery option again later. But we all all painfully aware that she may not survive to become strong enough for surgery.

Babies like Ai Li are never easy to care for. She is very fussy and irritable, finding it hard to get comfortable. When she's crying and fussing her heart rate and oxygen levels are very unstable, so the nannies work constantly to keep her calm. Her needs for special nursing care and close observation are intense. And of course, cuddling and loving a little baby who may not live very long is one of the most emotionally draining jobs out there.

Although the work is never easy, we are so grateful to our nannies who dedicate themselves to children like Ai Li. And we are also grateful to you, those who support us in what we do. Thank you!


  1. So very thankful for each of you and what you give every day in care and love of these little ones. I pray you feel God's blessings, comfort and strength as you care so tenderly for the "least of these". Praying for baby Ai Li as well.

  2. Thank you for sacrificing so much to take care of Ai Li! Blessings to you all!

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  4. Thank you for the care you put into saving the lives of many of those little gifts of God. And I am sure that Ai Li is yet another Saint now praying for you and all of China Little Flower as she plays at our saviors feet.

    Greg Gutierrez

  5. Rset in peace sweet Ai Li. I bet you'll be there to welcome your nanny the day she , too, goes to her eternal home.