Friday, November 25, 2011

Jason is looking for his family...

"Jason" is a handsome little boy who celebrated his first birthday in September. He was born with a complex heart defect. Surgeons in China are unable to operate; his only hope is that a family will adopt him and provide him with the medical care that he needs.

Jason is a calm and easy going little guy. He's somewhat delayed in his development but that is easily explained by the severity of his medical problems. He loves to rock in his seat, and has figured out how to do it by himself without any help - he's a smart one! He loves to blow raspberries and amuses his nannies with his intensity and concentration when doing so. He is able to sit up on his own and is learning to eat solid foods. Aside from his heart defect he is otherwise healthy.

When he first came his was very introverted and hesitant in his interactions with his nannies, but now he seems much more at ease. He seeks eye contact and asks to be held often.

Everyone who sees him comments on how beautiful he is. We agree - little Jason is a gorgeous little boy!

If you are interested in learning more about this little boy, please contact Marci at ASIA (Associated Services for International Adoption). Please help us spread the word so that he can find his family soon! And pray that he stays healthy while he waits.

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