Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Li Na

Baby Li Na was referred to us by a local church in another province. She was born with a serious heart defect and her parents wanted help in getting a second opinion; if specialists here confirmed her diagnosis then they asked if we would accept her for hospice care. We arranged an appointment and took them to meet some of the country’s top pediatric cardiology surgeons. After examining Li Na they confirmed that her condition was very severe and while surgery was possible, it was extremely risky and expensive. Even with the odds against them, her parents hoped to raise the money for the surgery that might save her life. However, the baby’s condition worsened rapidly and they were only able to borrow a fraction of the amount needed – it seemed there was no hope for Li Na. They asked us to love and care for her during the short time she had left to live. They returned home, heartbroken at the loss of their precious baby girl.

After Li Na had been with us for a short time, a visitor who saw her was quite moved and made a commitment to seek the funds necessary to give this baby a chance. She was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and received immediate surgery, just 4 days before Christmas. Her recovery has been very slow and her long term prognosis quite uncertain.

Yesterday she finally came out of the PICU and transferred to the regular ward. Her condition is stable and she looks so much better. It is hard to believe this is the same baby!

Her parents are overjoyed that she has been given this second chance. Her mother was involved in an accident in their hometown and is recovering from that, but as soon as she is able she will travel to Beijing to see her baby girl. We are hoping that Li Na will be able to go home with her family very soon.


  1. What a beautiful and hopeful story. Thank you for the work you do!

  2. Praise God for His healing hand and work through people that love this baby. Thank you for loving and caring.

  3. Hello, I just graduated from nursing school and I'm studying to pass my boards. I can't stop looking at these beautiful babies!!!! Are there groups who do medical mission trips to your area? Or are the restrictions super tough because of your location? How can I find out more information? I would love to join a medical mission team and spend time at your home. OR I might even consider creating one if you don't already have one.

  4. What a beautiful, wonderful story... thank you for sharing this! I am so happy that the visitor was determined to get funding... what a beautiful sweet child! So glad she will be ok :) :)