Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Na Grows Up

We introduced you to Baby Na back in July when she had just arrived. At that time she was not only very tiny, but also extremely ill with pneumonia. We weren't even sure we could save her. You can see that post here.

Well, we are happy to tell you now that she has grown into a lively, healthy and charming little baby girl. She's got an irresistible little face and smiles for everyone. Na has more than tripled her weight, from just 4 lbs to over 13 lbs now. Check out the photos below to see how she's changed:

Thanks to your prayers and support, little Na is now ready for a family of her own.


  1. That's amazing!!! I wish I could give her a cuddle and see her smile at me.

  2. Ohhhh....thank you China Little Flower!!!

  3. Such beautiful babies. I hope to do volunteer work there someday. Blessings.