Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Children Need Joy

I am convinced that children need joy much the same as plants need the sun. For without joy in life comes sadness and depression. A plant without the sun withers and dies. Certain plants need more sun than others and certain children need more than others. When they are starved for attention it means their soil is dry. We need to shower these children with attention; not to the point of flooding them until they become spoiled, but a light rain that helps them to know that they are cared for. A plant that is well tended is no better, just as all the plants are the same, but a well tended plant is beautiful. One of these children that have received necessary light (joy), adequate rain (attention), and good soil (a home) shoots up in confidence and growth. A child needs the light that joy has to offer!

Joy puts the smile and giggles back into a child and fills their heart. Children are so sensitive to emotions! When we look at a child with love they respond to that so easily! Some children have been hurt so much, but they are looking for that joy that we can offer them. We need to find a way past the hurt through continuous effort in touching their hearts with affection, care, attention and time! Some people don't offer their children time, not even 10 minutes, and they are starved for it! Wether it is selfishness, forgetfulness or being too busy, we should spare at least a little time with them. We need to be in the physical presence of our children and touch them. Let them know that they are loved. So slow down and don't just tell your children that you love them, but prove it through your daily actions. Day in and out, shower them with your attention and light their way with the light that joy can offer them. It doesn't take a lot, but it does require a conscious effort each day to show that child that they are a joy to you!

By Louis


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post!

  2. This is a true story! :) Thank you for the reminder.