Thursday, May 6, 2010

Children Are Precious

Each individual child is worth far more than we can imagine. From their bright eyes to their soft hair, sweet smiles and even their red face when they *ahem.* How can we not appreciate them? Well unfortunately there are those out there than don't. When they are more concerned about their own well-being or what is on their plate. They might even heap it on their child's plate, when their child is still too young to make sense of all that goes on in their lives. The children may be small, but their worries are no less. Also, they have a great big impact in our lives! Children bridge the gaps in generation; they make men, fathers and women, mothers. No more singular, but plural!

My own daughter brings tears of joy to my eyes, when I see her stare at me with those intent dark-gray eyes. I want to sing, and unfortunately for my wife, I have. If it wasn't for this child, who has changed and made everything real and meaningful for me, I would be just another guy. Thanks to this child, I'm now the guy that she looks up to, the guy that changes her dirty diapers, the guy that gets her to sleep when mommy is exhausted, the guy that tells her he will protect and keep her safe from that great big scary world. I'm the guy that tells her it's not such a great big scary world after all. The guy that lets her know that who she is is the most beautiful and that's all she ever has to be. So thank you for being my most precious child and making me that guy.

I can only hope that each child can have the opportunity to light our world up the way it needs to be lit up. Lastly, I would like to say, "Children you are so precious and it means so much that you could come visit us here on this great big planet, if only for a little while, and share with us all that you have to offer."

By Louis

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