Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Little Angel

My little angel, she's so innocent and so cute! She has Down syndrome and a heart defect. She was very weak when she arrived. After taking care of her, she became stronger. I like her because she's one of the sweetest babies. She smiles when you play with her and she has the biggest smile! She's so adorable! When she smiles it's so big that her eyes close shut. She always gives you her best smile, so full and complete.

At one point, she went to another place for surgery. They had to keep her separated from the staff for a few days. When she was finally allowed out she saw her favorite staff member and her eyes suddenly filled with tears. I know she's aware of the love she's received.

Later on, I wanted to stop volunteering because I was so tired. I saw my little angel there and thought, 'You don't care if I go! You'll just forget me.' But, when I looked into her eyes, they made me want to stay. I couldn't refuse her. Her eyes seemed to say, 'Don't go, don't go!' How could I leave her alone? She needed me. So that's one of the biggest reasons why I stayed.

I think normally that Down syndrome babies might be considered less by society. But, being with her, you wouldn't think about anything else, just how precious she is. She's no different; if anything she can bring more happiness because of her talent for love, which is why I call her an angel. What I feel for her is this: First, I fell in love with her because she was so weak and needed our care. But, what she brought to me was happiness and smiles; she definitely gave me more than I gave to her.

Now she's much healthier and stronger. Also, she's been adopted by a really good family! So I know that they saw what I saw in her.

By Theresa

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  1. She does look like a sweet angel. I'm sure the love you gave her is what has helped her grow stronger and healthier. How wonderful you found each other. Bless you.