Friday, February 5, 2010

Ups and Downs

Baby Fan, who arrived earlier this week died today. We were really hoping he'd improve and pull through, but it wasn't meant to be. And hard as it is, we are OK with that. Because we tried, and we gave him the best chance we could. When we do that there are no regrets, even when little one doesn't make it. Sadness, yes, but no regrets.

We also got the results from the cardiologist for the other two babies, Qing and Long. Apparently, both do have heart defects. Qing's heart problems are not serious, so what we have been seeing is more likely a result of his prematurity than anything else. But Long's heart defects are very serious, and the doctor's opinion is that he is inoperable. It's too early now to know the whole story; he'll go back in a month for follow-up. But sometimes (too many times) we are told that a baby is "inoperable" when the baby also happens to have Down Syndrome - like baby Long does. It's hard to know how much bias there is against "wasting resources" on these babies, and how much is real medicine. One thing's for sure... this work is never easy.


  1. Good work! My wife and I volunteered at the Nanning Orphanage in early 1994 (I was studying Chinese at XiDa) and saw many babies just like the ones pictured. I hope to return to China and volunteer at an orphanage for an extended time in the future. Keep up the love! No child should ever suffer alone.

  2. So sorry to hear about the baby. My heart goes out, and will keep him in my prayers. He was a beautiful little boy and so lucky to have you taking such good care of him, even though only for a few days.