Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dearest Dew Drops Caregivers

“In this world, having a mother is the best. It is like having a treasure.” These are the words from a famous Chinese song. Although the children at Dew Drops currently cannot experience the love of a mother, they are not alone. Instead they are filled with your love.

Here is a tribute to all of our wonderful caregivers:

My dearest caregivers
You are with me day and night
You feed me and change my clothes.

My dearest caregivers
No matter if it is raining or sunny, you come to take care of me
You give me a bath.

My dearest caregivers
You encourage me to grow stronger and bigger
You share my pain when I am crying and smile when I am happy

My dearest caregivers
You have a lot of love for me
You keep me warm each day

My dearest caregivers
Every year on New Year’s Eve
Everyone goes home to their family for a reunion
But you are here with me
You feed me and keep me warm
You hug and kiss me

My life is full of love because of you 

Thank you to all my caregivers. Although I don’t have a mother, I am still loved because of you! May we continue to share our lives and create new memories together. 

Happy Chinese New Year, my dearest caregivers!