Saturday, August 19, 2017

Will You Love Me Again?

“Mothers are the best in the world. Having a mother is like having a treasure.” These are some famous lines from a Chinese children’s song that inspires anyone who listens to it. However, not every child has the opportunity to have a mother. Sometimes mothers have to make the difficult decisions of how to provide medical care to their children without any resources or without an understanding of the medical problem. Other mothers struggle to fight for their children for a long time and ultimately make the heartbreaking decision to give them up, hoping they will receive a better life elsewhere. These are very tearful and difficult decisions for a mother to make.

We have a few children who already had one or two surgeries before being abandoned. These babies were cared for by their families but ultimately were given up when the family had no other method for providing continuous medical care.

For example, few days old Yu was found with a large scar on his abdomen indicating that he had been examined by a doctor to figure out what was wrong with him. Although it was the summer when he was abandoned, he was still wrapped in a blanket and a beanie to keep him warm and comfortable.

Zhuo, another child born with anal atresia and abandoned when he was only a few days old, was also found with a scar on his abdomen. He was slightly jaundiced and his oxygen saturation levels were very low when he was found by his orphanage.

Little Xia also has a similar story. He was born with anal atresia and when he was found, he too had a scar on his abdomen. 

Lastly, one year old Yu, had already had her first surgery for anal atresia when she was left at an orphanage. She had a large wound on her abdomen that was healing slowly. It is hard to imagine what she has experienced in her short life already.   

Although these precious children were born with birth defects, they were once the treasure of their families. Their families loved them and tried to provide medical care for them. But for factors unknown, these children were eventually abandoned. Now, it is up to us to provide specialized care and love for each of these children.

Here is a recent picture of little Yu. Initially, he often had diarrhea but, now, we have identified the problem and have treated him. When he turns 6 months old, he will be ready for his next surgery.

After over a month of specialized monitoring and care, we identified little Zhuo’s gastrointestinal issues and heart issues. Once he is a bit older, he will also be ready for his surgery to correct his GI related issues. We also discovered that he has a heart murmur. For now, his heart condition doesn’t need surgery, but we are monitoring him closely.

Little Yu and Xia both have suffered with multiple fevers and infections. They both need a few more surgeries to help them become strong!

Xia says “We are both stubborn little babies. We are not going to give up on our life! Will you love us and then we can show you how we will grow big and strong!”

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