Friday, November 6, 2015

It's all about the toy...

The Infant Care Home is usually peaceful and quiet after lunch. The toddlers, full from their meal, return to their room for nap-time. Last week, Hong and Qiu decided that they would like to play for a bit before taking their naps. So we took out some toys for them to play with. Obviously, they both go towards the exact same toy!

Hong and Qiu look around… anyone going to intervene and help us?!

We decided that this was the perfect opportunity for these two little ones to learn about sharing. So we waited to see what they would do. These two cuties continued to fight over the toy, although there was the exact same toy by their side!

So as you can imagine, there was some crying.  Precious Qiu uncertainly looked over at Hong, not sure how long she needed to cry for!

And then, they suddenly realized “Oh, there are two identical toys in front of us! We can both play with one!”

It’s no longer all about the toy! Hong and Qiu are happy playing together again!

In fact, they even shook hands and made up!

What a productive day it has been! Hong and Qiu learned the importance of sharing…or at least until the next toy shows up!

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