Wednesday, May 20, 2015

February 2015 Featured Child: Hou

This month’s featured child is little Hou.  Hou came to the baby home last year in early May as a one month old baby. This little boy has a lot going on.  He was born with multiple problems, including a cleft, anal atresia, amniotic banding and cardiac issues.  Since he needs special care and treatment for his conditions, his orphanage contacted us to see if we could provide this care for him.  Of course, we said we would!

At his orphanage, Hou had received a surgery to make a temporary opening for his anus atresia condition.  Anus atresia, is a birth defect where the anus is either not present or is in the wrong place.  Although little Hou has multiple problems, he is one happy little boy!

About 3 months after his arrival at the baby home, Hou started a series of surgeries!  He first went to the hospital to get a lip repair surgery.  He came back to the baby home looking like a completely different boy!

A while later, Hou then went back to the hospital to receive his anus colostomy surgery.  He also received reconstructive surgery on his feet for his amniotic banding and clubbed feet.

After all the surgeries, Hou has come a long way from when he first arrived at the baby home. He now no longer needs special care.  And so, he will soon be transitioning to another organization that provides foster care.  We hope that his adoption paperwork gets completed quickly so he can move into his forever family soon.

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