Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Llamas, Piglets, and Pizza!

Recently, the Little Flower Early Education Center class visited Crab Island, a holiday spot on the outskirts of Beijing. Sponsored by Magic Hospital and 3e International School, the field trip was so fun for our students.

Everyone loaded onto the bus in the morning, especially excited to visit the little petting zoo on Crab Island.

When everyone arrived at the zoo, each of our students was assigned a buddy from 3e International School.

They all strolled into the zoo...

...and almost immediately saw the llamas and tiny piglets!

With the opportunity to bottle feed these baby animals, the kids stayed there for a while, everyone taking their turn to pet or feed the animals.

They continued their tour of the zoo, looking at monkeys, birds, goats, and other animals.
Before everyone knew it, it was lunch time. Pizza and watermelon was on the menu--a true warm weather feast!

3e International School also brought bubbles, which everyone had a blast with. The kids all headed back in the early afternoon, having had a great day in the sun. 

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