Thursday, May 22, 2014

Venturing Outside the Baby Home

Spring...a time to escape the indoors after the long and grey winter; a time to leave the playroom behind to go in search of another exciting playtime venue; a time to put on a jacket (if needed!), and go outside! Wen leads us to the Baby Home's backyard to get some fresh air.

In early April, when the days were still a bit short, the blossoms on the trees called for some pictures with our sweet girls. Min was very excited to take a closer look at the beautiful blossoms, while Wan was rather skeptical, trying to find out what the fuss was all about. Hua seemed happy to be out and about with her friends and nannies.

After some weeks, the jackets could be left inside, and the toddlers were able to spend their afternoon play time outside. When the air is clear and the sky is blue, our staff brings them out.

Once outside, every child discovers his or her preferred activity pretty quickly. Yang loves the sandbox!

Wan likes to play with the outdoor toys, especially the ones that move (there's a red plastic car that she especially loves). Chen is into inspecting the grass and flowers. He even gave one to Kuan! Though Kuan was probably a bit confused. What is this Chen? he seemed to say.

Jie prefers to sit on the nice, cool grass.

Even when there's a mat right there next to her, the grass is her preferred spot.

Qiao also took advantage of the sand (definitely something she can’t play with inside!), while Yang, Wei and Hua love posing for the camera.

We love going outside with our toddlers! Almost as much as they do.

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