Monday, July 29, 2013

Little Qian

In March of this year we were contacted by a cardiologist at the children's hospital where we arrange most of our heart surgeries. The doctor was treating a patient, a 9 month old little boy who had recently had heart surgery. Little Qian's surgery was successful, but his recovery was complicated and he was very ill. His parents had spent all of their savings and had just run out of money. It was on the very day that doctors were able to extubate him and switch him over to a lower level of ventilatory support when his dad admitted that they had no more money and would be forced to discontinue all treatment.

The doctor was sad to think these parents would have to discharge the child.  He knew the little boy was already starting to improve but that his chances of survival were pretty slim if could not pay for any further treatment.  So he he called us at Little Flower and asked if there was any way we could help this family.  We were able to find a donor to cover the costs of Qian's remaining hospitalization.

Unfortunately, while Qian continued to recover from his heart surgery, he was set back when he contracted meningitis.  His hospital bill exceeded everyone's expectations, but the generous donor agreed to pay the extra costs.


His mom and dad stayed by his side in the hospital during this difficult time, doing their best to soothe and comfort him.  They brought his favorite toys and assisted the nurses in all aspects of his care.

Finally he was well enough to return home.  He recently contracted pneumonia and returned to receive treatment for that. (The local hospitals in his province were not able to provide the care he needed).  Again, the donor agreed to pay for his additional medical costs.  He is doing well, and we are so happy to see that sparkle in his eyes again!

We are working on a new program that will help families who are struggling to coordinate care for babies with heart defects like little Qian.  We are grateful to all who support us in this work and excited to share the details of our new program just as soon as we can!

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