Friday, April 5, 2013

A Lesson in Capitalism :-)


The children in our education center were offered the chance to participate in a local craft fair/flea market.  Each "vendor" was given a table to set up and display their wares, and at the same time check out all the other neat items being offered by other sellers.  The children were very excited about this, and the teachers knew it was a wonderful learning opportunity as well!

First they had a lesson about money - Chinese currency is called the YUAN:

And then they spent some time learning about the value of money:

Finally the day of the craft fair arrived.  The teachers helped the children set up their table to attractively display their wares.  Some of our staff helped out by baking banana bread (YUM!) to be sold along with their toys and crafts:

Our table was a great success!  The children divided the money they earned and were able to visit other vendors' booths and buy small gifts for themselves and their families.  Now they can't wait to do it again!

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