Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Surprise for Xiang

Guess what? There's going to be a surprise today! That's right - nanny told me I had to to finish my bath, and then if I wait here she's going to get it for me. I wonder what it is?

Oh, it's a package for me! From my family! They said they can't wait till they can come to China to meet me, but it will be a few more months so they wanted me to have something special for Easter while I wait.

And how did they know that a ball is my favorite toy?

And a book too? I love books! I have a box of books that are just mine downstairs in the office. When I am ready to go to school in the morning I usually have a few minutes to look at my books. It keeps me busy till the bus gets here. Now I have another book for my box!

And a little purse! I'll have to find something to put inside. Maybe my new book will fit in there.

Oh look, I got a new sippy cup! I'm very picky about my cups, but I like this one already.

And there's more - a bunch of plastic eggs. They make a rattling noise; if you open those up, they have little jelly beans inside. I've never seen jelly beans before. I wonder what you do with them?

Nanny is showing me what you do. You eat them! When she put one in her mouth I decided to copy her.

But I'm not so sure I am ready for that!

I'd rather feed them to her for now. Maybe next time I'll taste them.

But there's still more in the box. New dresses and hair clips! I love trying them on!

Look at me! Aren't I pretty?

I'm not so sure this purse matches my dress. What do you think?

And another one! This is better than Christmas!

Wow, so many pretty dresses! I wear a uniform to school every day, but when I get home after lunch I have plenty of things to wear now. I think this one is my favorite; it looks just like a princess dress!

Dear Mom and Dad (and brothers and sister too!),
Thank you for the ball! And the pretty dresses too.
Is it OK if I share the jelly beans with my nanny?
I'll keep practicing with the sippy cup.
I can't wait till you can come to China. I hope you hurry!
Love from your little princess,
Rose Xiang


  1. ohmygoodness.... I'm in tears. again. Rose is a beautiful princess and she'll be home in her own castle ruling her kingdom soon! I'm so excited for her to meet her family.