Friday, October 21, 2011

Out to eat...

We've had a bunch of really great volunteers lately, and they (along with some of our regular staff) have given some of our older babies the chance to join them at various local restaurants and coffee shops. The children love to get out and always have a wonderful time.

Here is Mu Mu enjoying some fries at the golden arches:

Another day, another restaurant - Gui Xiang, Jian Jun and Mu Mu checking out the menu:

And everyone's favorite, a coffee break!

In fact, coffee breaks were so enjoyable they went several times.
Here's Mu Mu asking "Are we there yet?"

Mei Mei was pretty happy to get there too:

Getting settled - "Can I help you with your jacket?"

"And what will these young ladies be having today?"

A little entertainment while we wait for our coffee and muffins:

Jing Xuan didn't manage to stay awake. Maybe he needs more coffee!

Gui Xiang checking out a ginormous muffin... she says "not for me!" (No, she's not eating yet, but we aren't giving up. We figure beautiful muffins like this will eventually tempt her enough to give it a try.)

Mu Mu isn't into coffee yet, but she's happy to help with the lovely cream on top!

Mei Mei wants a taste too:

"OK, enough coffee. Can I try on those cool sunglasses?"

"Wow, that was fun. Hope we can come back to play again soon!"

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