Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reading to a child

A few days ago, Megan brought a Children’s Bible to the baby home. I decided that I was going to read it out loud to Baby Hong. She is unable to get out of her crib so she normally doesn’t get a lot of attention. Books open you up to whole new worlds and I want to allow Baby Hong to explore different worlds. I also believe that someone holding her hand and hearing a voice will let her know that she is loved very much. The first time I read to Baby Hong, Kuan did not like that she was getting all of my attention and wanted to sit on my lap while I read. I didn’t mind but he wanted to keep flipping the pages before I was done. Finally, I had to sit him on the ground and tell him that he must wait his turn. I really enjoy reading to Baby Hong. I remember how much I loved listening to my mom read and I hope it brings her as much joy.

By Kelly

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  1. Thank you Kelly for caring so much for sweet little Hong!