Saturday, June 26, 2010

Min's Feet

Baby Min started casting to correct his club feet in March. (You can see him in this post about Curly Feet.) His feet were stiff and required a total of 7 cast changes, but the results are good now. Look at the transformation in such a short time:

He's now in abduction braces which will help hold the correction. He'll need his braces (just when he sleeps) until he is about 4 years old. He was recovering from a bout of pneumonia when we took this photo, but he still looks pretty happy, doesn't he?


  1. Min's feet look good, and he looks very happy! What a cutie!!!

  2. What a miracle! It's so wonderful the things we can do with medical technology today. His life will be so different now than it would have been if he hadn't had this procedure. He looks like he has a wonderful spirit of joy through it all too. God bless you all and your mission!