Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Big Girl Now!

Mei Mei came to the hospice as a very, very fragile infant with a serious heart defect. Surgeons do not feel that this defect can be repaired, so we did not expect her to live very long. However, she has defied all expectations and just keeps on going! Of course, she is very delayed due to her Down Syndrome, but she is getting there - just on her own timeline. She recently turned three years old, and is able to roll over (and over and over and over - her preferred method of locomotion) as well as sit and crawl. She loves to clap her hands and she loves her meals (even though they go into her feeding tube and she never actually gets to "taste" them). But most of all, she loves her little buddy, Kuan. She and Kuan are best friends.


  1. They are absolutely precious!!! Started my day with a big smile! :) Thanks for sharing and caring for these adorable children!

  2. Oh how precious. I miss these little guys. Only met them 2 times but they wormed their way into my heart!!
    Beth Gore

  3. She is such a beautiful little girl!